50ml / Pigment Bar - Cylinder type

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New designed 50ml Pigment Bar is a cylinder type, 2cm x 2cm x 14cm height.

Only a few colors are available at the moment.

If you use Pigment Bar, you can use exactly the same paint that I use in my work.

Pigment Bar is creating by the artist Jaeyeol Han himself.

Pigment Bar is an easy-to-carry drawing and painting material that turns liquid state oil into a solid form.

Since September 2017, I have produced my own paint, which I call the Pigment Bar, and used it for work. Production began with criticism that Need only general standardised painting materials?

Is it a natural attitude as an artist to consume only the basic features and colors of the oil painting? The paints of off-the-shelf products have their limits set in the mass production process. They have a general colour scheme that other companies have. They also choose materials to reduce production costs. It is a mediocre criterion for unspecified consumers.

If the user makes their own paint considering the special use of the paint, various parts can be changed. For example, the composition of the pigment, the type of oil, the density, consistency and viscosity of the pigment can be adjusted very freely to suit user’s specific needs.

When a contemporary artist uses a classic material that has a long history of oil painting, given the variety and function of a genre, it is perfectly natural to want materials that are unique and conform to specific purposes rather than ordinary paints.

Briefly list the typical characteristics of the paint being used. It has a high proportion of pigments. Unnecessary additives were removed and refined Safflower oil was used. This inhibits the phenomenon of painting turning yellow. It has almost no smell of oil, so this advantage is good for use in small spaces. And in some type, fluorescent pigments used to create a color that responds to ultraviolet light. Also, Liquid paint is solidified using natural wax, just by using a solid-type oil paint with a controlled texture, it can be used as a material that can be accessed through drawing or sculpting approach.

Handmade paints can reduce costs more than buying inflated prices in the distribution process, so it is advantageous for painting work to last longer by reducing the economic burden. The biggest expectation of this project is, by far, the high density of color produced by the project, which naturally reveals its special properties in painting because it maximizes the quality of paint.

If you are unfamiliar with oil paint sticks, this is the main material used in all of the paintings I’ve ever made. You can see some sample works on my official website.


I do not have a lot of inventory of pigment bar, due to the occasional production in my art studio by myself alone.

*Shipping takes about 5-6 business days via an international postal Express Mail Service.

*If the surface dries and creates a skin, rub it lightly with a tissue and use it.