Pigment Bar is producing by the artist Jaeyeol Han himself.

Pigment Bar is an easy-to-carry drawing and painting material that turns liquid state oil into a solid form. It is a kind of oil bar and oil stick which are similar products selling in the art supply market.

Pigment Bar is designed to freely combine various detail elements to suit painter's purpose.

It has been developed for the purpose of improving the problems of the existing materials found by the artist Jaeyeol Han, who has been using various oil paint sticks for many years for his paintings.

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It has a high pigment weight and different color chart. Unnecessary additives were removed and refined Safflower oil was used. Therefore, it has the advantage that it does not discolor even after a long time.

Considering the environment in which the quality of fine art materials is too expensive and difficult to experience, we are distributing it at a low price but not a lot of quantity.

With the Pigment Bar, you can easily draw oil paintings without tools or materials such as brushes and oil anywhere. Of course, it is also possible to dilute with oil using a brush like liquid paint.

There is almost no smell of oil, it can be used comfortably in small space.

If you are unfamiliar with oil paint sticks, this is the main material used in all of the paintings I’ve ever made, and technically it means that liquid emulsions type of oil colors are made into solid rods like lipstick or crayons.

I do not have a lot of inventory due to the occasional production in my art studio by myself alone, but I would like to sell it to those who have been looking for these materials like me in order to share an experience which I'm feeling from artist quality material. 

*Shipping takes about 5-6 business days via an international postal Express Mail Service. 

* The surface is not smooth because the pigment content is high and it is delicate, and it is a natural phenomenon due to the handmade process. There is no capacity or functional problem, use it with ease.